Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Blanket Pillows

Blanket Pillows - Reading Corner

So, I don't know about you but I have about a million baby blankets left over after babies.  Ok, maybe it's just me, no, I know it's not.  I know you had like a zillion blankets like me.  

So I was tired of it.  I was storing them all under the kids beds and I thought there had to be a better use for them than sitting under the bed.  

Here it is... the tutorial for...

Baby Blanket Pillows

I took the blankets and paired them up.  Bought several bags of stuffing and started sewing.  

I sewed two blankets together, stuffed them and set them in the corner.  

All you have to do is place them right side together, sew around the edges remembering to leave an opening to stuff with stuffing.  Finally, sew shut and let the little ones enjoy!  

Repeat about 4 more times until you have a big fluffy corner for the kids to jump in.

Love it!!!!  How great does it feel to use some of those old sentimental items just sitting around the house.  Makes me HAPPY!!!!

And she loves it too.

And look at her, so stinkin' cute reading her books.  She can lounge, read and it is a comfy place for her, surrounded by her old baby blankets (or 'lovies' as they are referred to in our house).

Have fun, and I'm sure you are going to love them as much as we do.

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