Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bug Cupcakes

Cupcakes with Bugs....

I made these cupcakes for my youngest daughters 1 year birthday party.  I saw the idea out of a Betty Crocker Cupcakes book and made my own adjustments based on what I had in the cubbord.  She (Betty that is) wanted me to buy all the pieces for tiny legs and tiny anteni but I thought I did just as well using the candy I had in the house.  (My husband has a sweet tooth so that part was easy....I cant lie, I eat it too.)  You can sort of see the book I was following in the background.  I used a box of cake mix and store bought frosting.  I am sure that my sister would make all of this from scratch but hey I have a one year old and a two year old, you get the picture.

So I just got all the candy I could find and any other mini cookies that I thought I could use for heads or bodies.

To make the bugs on top I used:

Nilla waffers
Mini oreos
and some orange slices that I cut into strips

Then just put them together in a way that I thought looked cute.

Now that I look at them they dont exactly resemble anything you would find in nature but hey, they're cute!  The eyes and mouth was a tube of frosting that I found in the back of the cubbord, that first one is a little wierd, pretty sure it made a funny noise when it came out.  I giggled.  Whatever.

And the 2 year old noodle stole one the night before the party, but by the look on her face I'd say they were good.

Lets just day that I confirmed this about an hour later.

- Lil' Sis

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