Friday, June 8, 2012

Ice Cream free for all

Ice Cream Free For All...

I recently found out that IKEA gives a free Ice Cream cone when you sign up for a free "frequent flyer" type card. We had a long day of shopping looking for nothing and everything.

I got one cone for my 2 year old thinking that the baby wouldnt be able to do it herself, and got a spoon to assist... and this is what I watched.

I know, I know, my girls are 19 months apart, but only 2 pounds apart so aside from the obvious look of a baby and toddler they seem about the same size.  (Do you know how frequently I get asked if they are twins?)  Maybe its just 'cuz they are my own that I just don't see it.

The smirk on Farrah's (right) face in the picture below makes me laugh....then I look at Falon's face and laugh harder! If this picture could have a captian it would say, "B**** did you just take a bite?" with a response of, "Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, heh, I did. What are you gonna do about it? I almost outweigh you."

They just cracked me up.  And yes, one cone was plenty for both! This one says, "ooh let me have just one more sis!"
"Here, sis, let me help you." and "lick this part of my hand, we don't want to miss one drop!" (I like to add the wording, he he.)

It was a great day of shopping, made possible by the miracle of ice cream and sisters!

-Lil' Sis

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