Thursday, June 14, 2012

A bugs life

A Sunny Day In Seattle...

Slugs are gross. I just have a hard time with their slimy little bodies. I have to put my feelings aside, however, becasue my daughter likesLOVES bugs; all kinds too. We were enjoying a rare warm and sunny day in Seattle, I'm pretty sure the baby was sleeping, when Falon found her watering can in the middle of the yard. It rained, as usual, for days before this and she casually picked up her bucket to play in the sand box. When she approached the deck it was like she'd struck gold. "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy, LOOK AT THIS!" She squweels at me. I come running thinking she has discovered the cure for cancer...and this is what I was shown.

A slug, not huge really but about an inch long.

(On a side note, we went for a walk at a nearby park recently and I was reminded about the "Daddy Slug in outside back." The one at the park could have purchased real estate and opened a pharmacy.)
She was facinated and I just loved watching her watch them. I was told it was a daddy slug. She also found a mommy slug (which was bigger than the "daddy" thanks for that...) and a baby slug inside the watering can. Wow.
I love this pic, her tiny little hand trying to be so gentle with the slug.
I think that the mommy and the daddy joined together in this one.

Almost had the courage to touch this one, but then not.
Oh yeah, and then she accidentally touched them and they curled up a little. She told me to be quiet because they were now sleeping.

Thanks for the memories Slug.

-Lil Sis

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