Thursday, June 28, 2012

Camping... Just the Girls!

Camping with the Kids...

We decided to go camping last weekend with the kids.  

 As soon as we got there the kids jumped in the water.

It was frigid!

Like, straight off the snowbank cold.

Like, I can't believe it isn't solid cold!
 But the kids loved it anyway.

We had sooooo much fun.  Our favorite camping spot is one with a creek running through it.  It is far enough away from other campers that you can't hear them, and there is a small island in the middle of the creek with a bridge that the kids can walk across to play.  They loved it.  It's an adventure every time they cross it.  

We go fishing,


And just plain old have fun!

 But as the weekend was drawing to a close and my husband had to go back to work the girls were getting sad that we all had to go home.

I thought, why not stay... why not... the camper is already here, there is food, water, cloths, what the hey!?!

So, now the girls and I are camping, just us, no husband in sight... nerve-racking?, a little... but seriously we can do this!  AND... Awesome girl bonding time! 

See, here we are gathering fire wood...

Usually we will go for rides on the 4 wheelers and bikes but this trip, with just the girls, I thought we didn't really need it, we would go for walks and keep mostly to ourselves at camp.  

What fun, we really didn't even leave camp for 2 days.  The kids would walk back and forth on the island making up games and I followed behind them trying to keep up.  

Here are the girls with their first taste of a frozen Capri Sun.  Did you ever have those as a kid?  We used to LOVE them!  

The only problem for Mommy, ummm, have you ever tried to sleep in a camper for a week?  The days that we were alone, rather than try and share my bed with the little ones, I decided to let them sleep in my bed, with the memory foam mattress and extra padding, and I slept on the fold out couch.  NOT a good idea, I repeat, POOR, POOR PLANNING!!!  Oh, my aching back and hips.  

But look at how cute they are, all snuggled together like that.  I couldn't move them!         
Those are a couple of tired girls!  

Oh, but the kids had sooooooo much fun, they loved it, and made it all worth it!  

And, I have to work this weekend but they are going back with Daddy!  They are going to be worn out little girls!  

Happy Summer, 

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