Monday, October 29, 2012

Craft Fail! - Transfer a Picture To a Shirt With Wax Paper

This was a major craft fail... I have to say

So, sad panda, I really wanted to make a personalized gift for a family members birthday this week.  I wanted to take a picture of him playing hockey and place it on the back of a t-shirt for him.

Well, let me go back to the beginning, It all started when I saw on Pinterest that you can transfer a photo onto a t-shirt using wax paper.  I thought, this is genius!  I was so excited to try it!

So I went out and bought some white t-shirts and got to work.

step one said:  print your photo on wax paper.
(I know you cant really see it but that was the problem, It never transferred, I got a very light pigmentation on the shirt but nothing recognizable.)

step two: place wax paper on your shirt and iron on.

And here is where I may have made a mistake.  (or two, but we are not counting)  Mistake No. 1: I did not read the tutorial until after I was already half done with the project, I simply read the instruction in the little explanation under the picture on Pinterest (ok, so I won't be making that mistake again, I promise!)  It turns out one of the instructions were COMPLETELY different from what the web site told me to do on one site.  However, in my defense, another site said it would work....  At any rate, it didn't.

Mistake No. 2: On the one blog that it did say you could print on wax paper and iron it onto your fabric, it did not specify a time limit from printer to fabric, it did mention in one spot that your ink will remain wet until you place it on your picture.

Did I mention that sometimes I get a little ahead of myself and I maybe did not read the instructions until it was too late for that?

So, I tried it anyway and I am here to tell you that this does not work if you let it dry at all.

Major Craft Fail!

So then what?  What now that I have pictures printed onto wax paper and a bunch of white t-shirts.

NEXT... come back tomorrow to see my next attempt.  You may find that because I try things before I read ALL the instructions I will have a few craft fails before I get something that really works well.

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