Sunday, October 14, 2012

Gitter Leaves and Garland

Fall Leaves And Glitter for Everyone!

So, I think I have said before that when you do a craft with glitter it is amazing how far reaching the glitter itself can be.  So I know it can be ugly, but the kids LOVE glitter.  Why do they love glitter so much, I really can not answer that but as one of my good friends always says, 'When in doubt, glitter it out!'

I say that is a damn good idea!

So, we started with some fall leaves....

And let them paint away on them with some Mod Podge.  

 And glitter it out.  Any color you like.  We went with fall colors this time.

  I let them glitter until they were done with the craft. 
  I really liked this one.  At first I started to tell her she was painting on the wrong side of the leaf but afterward I was glad I kept my mouth shut.  

Here are your supplies you will need for your garland.  

Here are our leaves, I used both glittered and non glittered ones, just to spice it up a bit.  

Run a line of glue on the back of the leaves...

And place the string in the glue on the back of the leaves.  

And when your done it will look like this.  

The kids are STOKED that their craft is hanging in the living room.   And they had so much fun painting the leaves.  I am pretty sure they are of the same opinion as my friend 'glitter it out!'

Seriously, I think I found glitter in my bathroom, which happens to be at the other end of the house.  It gets tracked from one end of the house to the other in a matter of about 3.7 seconds.  Craziness I tell you!  Quite honestly I don't know how I would react if there wasn't glitter spread form one end of the house to the other.

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