Thursday, October 25, 2012

First Snow of the Season

SNOW!  Can you believe it?  

I can't, I was really enjoying the fall-ish weather around here.  It was beautiful, temps in the 40's and 50's, color, I didn't have to scrape my window when I left work... (That may be the one I am most bitter about.)

Well, it is here, I guess I should be ready.  At least the kids were excited about it.  They hurried up and put on their sweaters, hats and mittens and headed out right after dinner.  Whatever, it had to come some time, right?  LAME!  I'm just not a winter kind of girl.  I recently discovered that fall really is my favorite season.  I used to think it was a toss-up between spring and fall but this year I realized fall wins hands down for me.  I just love to wear hats and scarves and sweaters but I don't want to be cold, which is why winter is a no go.  At least not here in Montana.  It is a little harsh for me.  Thats all.  

Look at that, I still have the drained pool sitting on the back patio.  I know, it has been drained for a while but you know how some things just keep getting pushe dto the bottom of the to-do pile?  THat's pretty much what happened there.  But like I said, the kids were all about it this year.  And it did warm my heart a bit to see them soooooo excited about it.  

So here are a couple more pics of them in heaven...

Why do all kids have to eat snow?  Every time they see it?  Seriously!

Warm wishes to all of you, I'm sure it's going to come whether I like it or not.

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