Thursday, October 18, 2012

Dance Tutu with Ribbon

 Dance Class

So both the girls just started dance class and we just HAD to have a tutu like all the other girls. They are so stinkin' cute in there I just can't stand it!

So I thought I would show you the tulle tutu I made for the girls to wear to class.
isn't it so cute?  And the girls love it.  

Making a Tutu for your little Princess...

First you will want fold your tulle into thirds and place your ribbon or whatever you are using as a filler.

Now gather your fabric...

You can do this either by hand basting or with your machine.  However you decide works fine.  I just find it easier to create the bunch now rather than trying to do it on the elastic.

(to do it with your machine, set the tension higher to create the gather.)

Now add an elastic head band to to top and done-ski!

****NOTE: Later I added some additional tulle around the outside of the tutu to make it look a little fuller for them.  You know, they are some girly girls, and they love to twirl, and in order to twirl they needed to have a full skirt.  Seriously, just ask them...

Your kidd-os are going to LOVE it!  And love you for it.  You may be mom of the year, at least in your house.

They are in heaven!  Tulle tutus are the best for all the little girly-girls in your life.

Happy dancing!

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