Friday, October 19, 2012

Double Duty (Painted Then Carved) Pumpkins

Getting more bang for your buck out of your pumpkins

So I already bought our pumpkins. I did it last weekend because last year I waited until the weekend before Halloween and the entire city was out of pumpkins. Seriously! Can you believe it. I was astounded. How can an entire city be out of pumpkins. Whatever, moving on!

So I bought them early this year to make sure I got some. We really love carving pumpkins as I'm sure you all do and you would be super disappointed if you couldn't do it one year. No, we'll maybe, but it may or may not have been meltdown central around here, let me tell you!

So I bought them already, but I didn't want to carve them yet because you know how they get. All wilty and soggy and even moldy and disgusting. But the kids were killing me with begging and pleading to carve them.

So, long story, I get double duty out of my pumpkins. We decided to paint them! What?!? I know, not that amazing but it was a serious lightbulb moment for me. We can paint them this weekend and then carve them n a couple weeks. Double for your money. And pumpkins are not that cheap. I don't know why but I am always surprised at the price of pumpkins and watermelon. Maybe because you pay by the pound. I don't know but it gets me every year.

So we painted our pumpkins, to get in the spirit I only brought out white and black and they had so much fun! Like I said, then we can carve them in a couple weeks.


Have fun with your pumpkins everyone!  We sure did!

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