Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pumpkin From Dryer Vent

Yet another thing I saw on Pinterest that I just had to try.

Around here we really love Halloween but we don't love the creepy crawly bloody gross decorations. I never really cared for them but now it kind of scares the kids too (so I have a good excuse). Well, I shouldn't say 'we' love Halloween, my husband doesn't care for the holiday at all but tolerates it for the kids sake I think.


The whole point of my telling you all thus is that there really isn't that many decorations available to buy that are not creepy (quite frankly, I probably wouldn't buy them anyway. There is just something a little zen for me when I am crafting.)  I am really distract able today...

So I saw this on Pinterest and thought I needed it! Seriously all you are going to need is some dryer vent (maybe only about 2 feet stretched out), some orange spray paint, a stick, and green felt (or some glitter leaves would look cute too!)

So first you need to paint your dryer vent...

Latch it together. (My vent already had a clip on it but before I noticed that I had just intended on using hot glue).  But use whatever you have on hand, string, rubber band, whatever!

Isn't it so cute?!?!  I love it, and apparently so do the kids because they carry it all over the house with them!  I find it in random places on my nightly round up.  But whatever, right?

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