Monday, October 22, 2012

Updated Light Fixture

Thrifting with little one and a new project...

So Little one and I went thrifting today and we found sooooo much stuff!  We had so much fun, we had an appointment that was canceled and so we decided to go shopping instead.  We got to check out a few new stores that we have been meaning to get to but you just never have the time.  You know how it goes.  Then all of a sudden they are out of business and you never got a chance to get there.  Well that's how it usually works for me.  

At any rate, we made a morning of it and we had an absolute blast!  (Can I just say on a side note that she was absolutely obsessed with the rotary phones.  Yiayia and Grandpa have one in their garage and we may have to try and talk them out of it.)  So anyway...

I found this hanging light and I really liked, loved, HAD to have it!  

Now, I was super excited and so I forgot to take a picture of it before.  Isn't that awful.  It is not too tough to figure out what it looked like before hand though.  It was this terrible shinny brass color but I really loved the light covers, and the shape of the light.  

So, now I have painted it...

Then I put all the glass back on it.  

And hung it in the entryway (well I didn't hang it, my husband hung it, but you know.  I could if I wanted to, I choose not to.  Really I think it would take me at least 3 times as long.).  

I really love coming home to it everyday.  

Isn't it fabulously vintage.  I just couldn't do the brass.  It was too much for me.  But NOW!  Woot woot, I LOVE IT! (I sang that to you if you couldn't tell.)  

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