Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Craft Fail - Day two - Wax Paper to Fabric Transfer

Craft Fail - Day 2

So, if you remember yesterday, I wanted to transfer a personalized picture from a piece of wax paper to a shirt as a birthday gift.  

Well the ironing it on failed miserably.  See why here.  

But then I thought, I wonder if I painted it with Mod Podge, then stuck it on the shirt, how would that work?

Well you are about to find out, good buddy!

1. Paint your printed picture with Mod Podge, you can use your own homemade stuff if you like.  Here is the recipe. 
 2. Wait for it to dry... Then get the edges wet, I wanted to use a spray bottle for this so I couldn't find one.  (Have I mentioned I am all about use what is handy.  Maybe to a fault.)  
 3. Peel off the wax paper piece by piece.

Now here is another area that I could have improved.  I probably did not have to let it dry completely.  I think if I would have peeled it off after just a few minutes rather than wait a couple hours.

 4.  And here it is after I peeled off all the wax paper. For a quick experiment I think it turned out rather well but there are a few things I am going to do differently next time.

Here you can see how the colors bleed around the edges.  I think it adds a little to the whole look of it but I will still use a few different techniques next time.


So one more try I think before I have a cleaner, more permanent, image transfer.  

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